Water treatment in an apartment building

Quality of water in Ukrainian water supply systems is not growing, in fact, may be worsening. The modernization of technology for purifying source water, which, after all, is being done, is only one side of the issue. Even if the water treatment after intake shows good results and the water received directly at the water utility meets the regulatory requirements, on the long way from the water utility to your apartment, its quality can be significantly impaired by the state of the pipeline. The service life of pipelines is coming to an end, and more often it is exhausted at all. Rust and slime caused by a variety of microorganisms begin to appear on the inner surface, and all of this is partially washed away by the passage of water.

More and more often still at the stage of construction of apartment buildings are designed water treatment systems that improve the quality of life of residents, reduce maintenance costs of heating systems and, indeed, on energy resources. And that raises the class of the house in the eyes of a potential resident. Also relevant issue for autonomous water supply systems from underground wells.

In addition to classic solutions at the design stage, it is always possible to install the system after the commissioning of the house.

Problems of water of centralized municipal water supply

If you look at the Ukrainian water in detail, you can highlight a number of problems. These are hardness, color, turbidity and odors of water that comes from surface sources (river intakes). In the case of underground water, such as in Lviv or Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev region, where development is actively carried out, first of all, problems of iron, hardness, sometimes manganese.

Hardness salts are the cause of scale formation in heating and cooling systems, scale on plumbing and household appliances. They significantly reduce the energy efficiency of heating systems and cause frequent maintenance.

Turbidity of water, along with hardness, is not only a visual disadvantage. Turbidity particles accelerate deterioration of ball valves and other sanitary fixtures, scratch surfaces, clog shower nozzles, etc.

Chromaticity of water is often a consequence of the presence of organic substances (less often iron) in the water. These impurities are not critical to the technique, but they can create a film of slime and cause visual discomfort. Iron and manganese are the classic impurities in well water, they provide a reddening of lime scale, give water a metallic taste, clogging nozzles, have a negative impact on the skin.

How does the water purification system for an apartment building look like?

In fact, the principle of household water treatment with a large capacity differs from small domestic systems often only in the size of the equipment.

Typically, such a system is placed in the basement or other utility rooms. Water from the water supply network first comes for purification and only after that it can supply consumers, the heating circuit and other needs.

Mechanical water treatment for apartment buildings

Mechanical purification will provide a clear water for all residents of the house, regardless of the state of the original. Even in the case of suspension of the water supply, the first opening of the tap will not be accompanied by a dirty liquid spitting of incomprehensible content, increasing the life of fixtures, reducing the frequency of spontaneous failure of water and heating equipment.

Water softening systems for apartment buildings

If removal of mechanical particles can be considered a basic water treatment option, the softening is probably the second important point for most regions of Ukraine. For example, in Kiev, water hardness mostly corresponds to normative values, but is at the limit of their upper line. Drinking water standards, which are used to evaluate tap water, are solely intended to evaluate it in relation to human health. While limescale on plumbing fixtures is more likely to create aesthetic discomfort, limescale is a critical factor that has a significant impact on operating costs.

water supply systems

If the apartment complex has a separate boiler room (or boilers and boilers in each apartment), without water treatment virtually impossible. Water requirements for boilers usually contain a number of recommendations aimed at maximizing efficiency throughout the life cycle, as well as reducing the frequency of service maintenance. The concentration of hardness salts is one of the most important parameters. Depending on the hardness of the original water, the heating efficiency can be reduced by more than 50%. And the insulating crust created by the scale layer can significantly speed up unscheduled service. The issue of water for the boiler room can deprive either a stand-alone water treatment system, or the installation of water treatment for the whole house with some small and relatively inexpensive modifications just before the water inlet to the boiler. If you are interested in this particular issue, we have written about water treatment systems and reagents for boiler water.

water treatment

Other benefits of whole house water softening include:

  • A significant reduction in heating bills;
  • soft water in the shower and bathtub brings aesthetic comfort;
  • reduction of detergent consumption for washing and cleaning by the occupants.


mode is flushed with a solution of sodium chloride, i.e. table salt. It is the responsibility of the person who maintains the softener filters to add salt to the tank. With everything else filters cope with themselves: “smart” control valves designs DUPLEX and TRIPLEX will automatically start the process of regeneration, so that the water supply was uninterrupted.

Charcoal filters for apartment buildings

Activated carbon is intended for sorption removal from water of organic substances, both natural and artificial origin, as well as chlorine, ammonia and other impurities. The maximum relevance have charcoal filters in apartment buildings, which are fed water from surface sources. The water is characterized by an increased coloration caused by humic substances and a high content of organochlorine substances, which are highly dangerous if the water is used as drinking water.


High-performance sorption filters are also structurally presented as columns filled with filtering material, in this case, coconut or bituminous carbon, depending on the task. Water passes through a layer of material and enters the pipeline. Regeneration involves flushing the material with source water. Usually the filters are installed in two or three units so that breaks in regeneration do not cause interruptions in the supply of clean water.

Iron and manganese removal

While the problem of organics is common to water from surface sources, groundwater has a number of other characteristic problems. If the source of water supply is a completely self-contained well, there is a high probability of the presence of iron and manganese in the water:

  • Iron – causes a characteristic reddish stain on plumbing, water has a yellowish hue and a specific metallic taste;
  • manganese – this element in Ukrainian groundwater is often paired with iron, in case of its significant exceedance of the allowable content, the same rusty plaque will have a dirtier shade, but the main problem of manganese is the danger to health when using water as a drinking water;
  • hydrogen sulfide – this component of groundwater has no critical harm to health. Its main disadvantage is only a very unpleasant characteristic “rotten egg” smell. If you get a centralized water supply through groundwater, there will be no more hydrogen sulfide in it.

The solution to these problems lies either in catalytic materials (Centaur, Purolox, Birm, Greensand) or in the use of Ecomix complex loading, which provides removal of iron, manganese as well as hardness salts.

What Water Filtration System is best for Renters?

Ecomix – a complete solution for all problems

Ecomix filter material from hydrogen.best-store-us.com is a revelation for water treatment on any scale. Depending on its modification, it is suitable for surface water and groundwater, solving its basic problems in one filter instead of several. Ecomix can combine the functions of an ion exchange resin (softening), catalytic material (iron and manganese removal) and activated carbon (reduction of oxidation and ammonia) in one filter. Structurally similar to softener filters in the form of a cylinder with a tank for dissolving salt. More information about the material can be found here.

Water supply for high-rise buildings

apartment building


To disinfect water in centralized water supply systems chlorine is used, its prolonged action is a prerequisite for not always airtight and clean pipes. In the conditions of a single house to ensure water tightness, regular disinfection and guaranteed insulation, for example, from sewage is quite realistic. In that case ultraviolet disinfection is an excellent option. It forms no byproducts and acts preventively in situations where there were some microorganisms at the inlet of the water system.

What would a water treatment system for an entire house look like?

The equipment and size of the system will be determined by several factors:

  • state of source water
  • number of consumers;
  • water quality requirements;
  • resource capacity of the client.

Below we show one of the company’s simple solutions.best-store-us.com.

The water purification system for the residential complex “Club House on Michurina in the Pechersk district of Kiev. The system is equipped with water softening filter FU2162CE and a stage of preliminary mechanical treatment. Capacity of the system – 10.5 m 3 / hr.

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