Sports in Pink

For many years now, the color pink has been an integral part of high performance in sports. It conquers skiing and racing trails, ski jumps, and wins soccer games, forming a spectacular color dominant in the world of professional sports. Even the race cars of Formula 1 drivers perform in glowing pink BWT.

In addition, we are working closely with Formula 1 on the Forze research project to develop fuel cell technology: we believe that green hydrogen technology will revolutionize the automobile industry in the future.

In the world of soccer, BWT is present in several countries at the same time. BWT also supports youth sports, because we believe that movement is essential for mental and physical health.

Drinking water is healthy – it makes us visible

Water drinking and performance are inextricably linked and thus form a perfect symbiosis. BWT focuses on the best water, and because of this, it fits perfectly into the world of sports. Highlight, stand out, be seen – this is the motto. Thanks to advertising during major sporting events, the BWT brand catches the eye of spectators and is literally on everyone’s lips.

BWT supports the soccer club Rennes, winner of the 2019 French Cup.

Everyone knows that great fluid loss in high-performance sports must be immediately compensated. This is why BWT magnesium-enriched water is the ideal partner for athletes.

Lutz Hübner, Chief Operating Officer of BWT

color pink


BWT today employs 4,500 people, which entails a great deal of responsibility.

Pink Panther and Pals | 1 Hr Sports Compilation

In order to further promote BWT and continue on its growth course worldwide, it is imperative that the prestige of the water brand be established in the eyes of the general public.

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Bolides in the style of the movie “Pretty in Pink”

The sponsorship of sporting events is part of a comprehensive marketing campaign aimed at capturing the attention of end consumers and raising awareness of the BWT brand. When one considers that 185,000 fans watch the Formula 1 race in Spielberg alone, the scope of the promotion is truly impressive. Not to mention the many spectators who cheer for their favorite teams on the other side of the TV screen. Cross-country skiing also has great potential.

The pink paintwork on the racing car has attracted a lot of attention because pink was not a popular color in Formula 1 before. Within a short time, BWT racing cars for Formula 1 have become icons.

sporting events

The symbolic color pink conquers sports:


  • Formula 1, -2 and -4
  • Porsche Supercup, Carrera Cup
  • GT-Masters
  • The Forze project: fuel cells for a racing car

cars Formula


  • Ski Jumping
  • Skiing
  • Swiss-Ski partner
  • Main sponsor of the Hahnenkamm races in Kitzbühel
  • Starting number in the U.S. Beaver Creek and Clington races
  • Swiss Hockey Cup


  • PFC Rennes (France)
  • LASC FC (Austria)
  • FK Austria (Vienna)
  • Reed FC (Austria)
  • FC Sandhausen (Germany)

The Pink Panther in “OLYMPINKS!” | 25 Minute Olympics Special

Youth sports, support for the younger generation


Water is important for every athlete in terms of fitness and health. Top and professional athletes are not the only ones who need sufficient water and minerals. In the segment of amateur sports and physical activity, a stable water balance and mineral supply are also necessary.

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A superstrong mineral substance

Magnesium plays a particularly important role here. People with active lifestyles often refer to it as a superpowered mineral. Magnesium regulates, among other things, the activity of our muscles and nerves and promotes the preservation of our bones. The human body is not capable of generating this essential mineral for life, so it must be supplied in sufficient quantities from the outside. The daily dose for an adult is 300 mg. Magnesium is an all-natural mineral found in seawater, plants, rocks and soil. Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle spasms and headaches.

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Magnesium-enriched water from BWT

BWT is aware of the importance of magnesium and has therefore developed magnesium mineral water, which uses a patented technology of magnesium mineralization. This pioneering technology enriches local tap water with magnesium ions.

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