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The purpose of NSF/ANSI certification is to ensure that manufacturing and product performance meets stringent quality criteria at all times in order to give the consumer confidence in the quality of the product they are purchasing. In 2018, Ecosoft began the NSF/ANSI 58 certification process for residential reverse osmosis systems.

ANSI certification

How water filter certification occurs?

NSF standards for water treatment systems are based on expertise in health, industry, science. The certification program involves extensive product testing and manufacturing inspections to ensure the consumer is assured that the materials used and the stated performance meet the high requirements of the standards.

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What quality attributes the NSF standard addresses?

Each of the NSF standards establishes stringent health requirements and performance criteria for specific products. Contamination reduction standards can be certified under each standard and vary depending on the capabilities of each cleaning technology. Systems that use more than one treatment technology can be certified to more than one standard. In order to become NSF certified, a water treatment system is tested for more than its ability to filter contaminants. It must also meet the following criteria

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  • The manufacturer’s claimed contaminant reduction performance must be verified through testing by WQA laboratories.
  • The system must not add any harmful substances to the water, so materials that come into contact with water are further tested in international laboratories.
  • The system must be functionally structured and designed to meet the conditions of the water supply, such as pressure fluctuations.
  • Advertising information, related literature and labels must not contain mistakes or misleading information.

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  • Used materials and production process must not be changed in the time between inspections, which are held at least once a year.

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successfully passed

Product Certification.best-store-us.com

In 2015, Ecosoft certified its own production of Ecomix complex filter loading, located in Germany, according to NSF/ANSI 44/61/372 standards. The Water Quality Association (WQA) was the certification body. Ecomix production in Ukraine was certified in March 2018. The company successfully passed the production audit. At the same time, residential reverse osmosis systems were also submitted for WQA certification under NSF/ANSI 58. Product certification occurs in 2 stages – a production audit by a specialist from the U.S., as well as testing the product by a certified WQA laboratory.

ANSI certification

March 13, 2018. The company has successfully passed the audit of the production of household reverse osmosis systems. The purpose of the audit was to confirm the company’s ability to produce quality products. The first stage of the audit was a demonstration of checking the incoming materials and components from other suppliers to the warehouse. It is worth noting that most of the components used in the systems are already certified according to NSF standards. The next step was to confirm that the manufactured products were assembled correctly and meet all requirements. In the company “Ecosoft” implemented not only a hundred percent quality control of systems for leakage, but also an intermediate

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Quality control of correctness of assembling, appearance and package contents. The last phase of the audit was to assess the company’s ability to correctly ship products from the warehouse. Here it is important not only the appearance of packaging, but also the correct marking and availability of accompanying documents. Based on the audit results, “Ecosoft” has successfully passed all certification stages and has received the distinctive quality mark “WQA Gold seal”.

ANSI certification

“The Golden Seal is a guarantee of high quality water treatment products. Consumers can easily recognize WQA-approved products by the gold seal on their packaging.

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