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The next hero of the parade of myths about water is the “magnetic water”. There is a theory that if water is brought into a magnetic field, it is structured in a special way and becomes unusually beneficial to health. We will traditionally study the materials found in search engines, and then find out how scientists look at the treatment with magnetic water.

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So, to the question “How to magnetize water?” – all-knowing Google answered that it should be placed on a special magnetic stand, passed through a watering can, to which two neodymium magnets with opposite charges are attached, or infused in a container with also oppositely fixed magnets. He also told us that magnetic water treatment can be effective in normalizing blood pressure, lowering blood cholesterol levels and treating diseases of the nervous system.

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How are the properties of the magnet and water related?

When a constant magnetic field passes through, there is a certain change in the arrangement of metal ions in the composition of water – they are ordered. Practically this property is used for protection of boilers, boilers, washing machines from scale. This filter, of course, is not as effective as its alternatives based on chemical reagents, however, it is quite effective for home use.

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As for the physical and chemical properties of pure water after magnetic treatment with electromagnets, they also change somewhat, for example, the surface tension of water decreases.

magnetized water

Properties of the magnetic field of water and health

The properties of magnetic water for today are not studied very actively, but in the scientific literature there is no confirmation of its benefits for health, so if someone offers you to buy a magic magnet for water, think about whether you really need it.

increase yield

As for such water for watering plants, according to a number of studies, it can increase the yield of some crops. For example, Australian scientists made an experiment in which plants were watered with magnetized water and normal water of different salt content. It turned out that water passed through electromagnets can increase the yield of some varieties of plants up to 23%. The principle is that magnetized water with high salt content shows better results than pure water.

increase yield some

Also, a strong magnetic field can have a decontaminating effect, for example against salmonellae.

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Will “magnetic water” have a beneficial effect on your health? Very doubtful, instead we recommend to think about the purity of your water. In our Internet-shop you can find water filters which will make your tap water clean, healthy and safe for drinking without any magic, exclusively thanks to science.

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