How to repair a water filter cartridge?

Before we begin this text, note that regeneration will not always be effective and we can’t predict how it will happen in your case. So we recommend replacing the cartridges in a timely manner and only performing regeneration as a last resort.

salt solution

And so first let’s understand what is the cartridge regeneration for water?

Regardless of what material is inside the cartridge, its resource is exhausted. In some cases, it can not be regenerated, such as for polypropylene foam, and in some cartridge regeneration is quite effective, such as ion exchange resin.

cartridge regeneration

After a quick Google search, we found that there are mostly questions about softening cartridges. The cartridge itself is a vessel with cationite.

salt solution

In detail, about ion-exchange resins which are inside such filterelements, we have written earlier. In brief, the resin contains on its surface active centers that have ion-exchange properties, that is, can exchange certain metal particles for others. For example, sodium to calcium and/or magnesium. The process is reversible, which is the basis for regeneration of the cartridge.

cartridge regeneration

STEP BY STEP: How to change Amway eSpring water filter Cartridge at home. DiY

There are two types of filter elements – collapsible and soldered. For both types of cartridges fits one reagent available in every home – common table salt, but the technique will be slightly different.

salt solution

To regenerate a collapsible cartridge requires a number of operations:

exchange resin

  1. pull it out of the filter housing and unscrew the lid of the cartridge housing.
  2. Prepare a salt solution by dissolving 100 grams in 1 liter of water;
  3. Pour the ion-exchange resin in water and leave it for 5-6 hours with periodic stirring;
  4. drain off the salt solution as much as possible and rinse the resin 3 times with cold running water;
  5. Pour the water with the resin after flushing into the cartridge body and assemble it in the reverse order;
  6. install the cartridge in the filter bulb;
  7. Drain within 30 minutes.

salt solution

As for sealed cartridges, both with ion exchange resin and with complex filtering materials, in this case the regeneration of the ion exchange resin will be done without opening the cartridge. In this case you should soak the cartridge in a salt solution for 8-10 hours periodically shaking it. Then also soak it in clean water. After that, the cartridge can be installed back into the flask. After connecting the filter, drain the water within 30 minutes. In this case, recovery will only be partial.

Change water filter

If you still have questions about regeneration of cartridges, ask them in the comments.

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