“Greasy” water

It often happens that “fat” water comes out of the tap. This problem is predominantly characteristic of wells, but it happens that periodically it also comes from the centralized water supply system.

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“Oily” water from a well

An oily film on the surface of water from a well can have several sources:

  1. During the drilling of the well, the drill pipes are gradually lowered into it on the threaded joints, which are covered with lubricants. Part, respectively, can leach from there from months to years.
  2. Using a pump with an oil cooler, depressurization of which can cause trouble for many years.
  3. Contamination – if near a shallow (up to 30 m) well there is, for example, an old tank of diesel fuel, then from the corroded cracks it may well seep into quite deep underground layers the content of these tanks. This problem is predominantly a problem with wells, but occasionally happens with wells as well.
  4. Unscrupulous drillers who simply add vegetable oil to water in order to hide the smell of hydrogen sulfide.

problem predominantly

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Solving the problem of oil in the water

The main solution in this situation is active pumping of the well, depending on the concentration and the source of contamination it is possible to add a variety of special sorbents. This method of water purification from oil will be effective in all cases, except in the situation when the underground aquifers are contaminated with petroleum products. You will not be able to flush the contaminants out of the well if they continue to enter the well continuously.

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It is important to note that experts emphasize that it is better not to use surfactants to remove oils and oil from water, because they are not effective.

The second solution is to install a water treatment system for your home. It is important that it contains sorption charcoal filters. In the case of drinking water, only a reverse osmosis filter can help, as particles will successfully leak through the other filters, albeit not to the full extent.

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Where does the oil come from in tap water?

“Oily” water from the faucet usually appears where there is no separation of the water supply to the residents’ taps and the heating system. Heating water may contain additives that reduce air blockage, reduce rust formation, etc. Often they have fatty constituents.

This problem

Also, oily water from the water supply system may be caused by pipeline and pumping station failures. In this case, it is worth calling the hotline utility, which serves your home.

supply system

Both of these problems can be solved by flushing the water system.

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