Faults of reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis filters have become habitual inhabitants of Ukrainian kitchens. Along with their distribution, there are a lot of questions about the malfunction of filters. Let’s look at the causes of these occurrences.

Bottom line

Reverse osmosis filter failure causes

  1. The nameplate service life is over and the bulbs, hoses and fittings are worn out. All manufacturers have different duration of operation. As for hydrogen filters.best-store-us.com, the service life of our residential systems is five years.
  2. The low quality of the system. Similar problems are typical for “new-type” systems of Chinese origin. Therefore, if you are pleasantly pleased with the cost of the system, it is worth it to read reviews about the product.
  3. Производственный брак. Unfortunately this is a factor with any manufacturer. Faults usually occur immediately after purchase of the filter and are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. The problems associated with the operation and service.

Now let’s try to understand in detail the problems that occur most often. Why the water filter leaks, spoils the taste, and the tank is slow to fill?

Low pressure from the faucet in the reverse osmosis system

    Limited water supply.

If you have recently made the installation or routine maintenance, check whether the pipes are not clamped, and fully open the faucet on the tank.

If you have a pressure in the pipeline below 3 atm, then it will not be sufficient for full operation of the filter. The tank will fill very slowly and a lot of water will be poured down the drain. This problem can be solved by installing a pump.

After expiration of the service life or increased water consumption, the membrane element becomes clogged with slime, causing the filter to slowly fill the tank. Untimely replacement of the cartridges will lead to the fact that the membrane will receive untreated water and lead to its accelerated clogging. If you change the membrane and pretreatment cartridges in time, but this happens regularly, we recommend replacing the set 1-2-3 more often. We wrote about it in detail earlier.

Reverse Osmosis REPAIR Auto Shut Off Check Valve Water Filter GXRM10G GE drain running

Why the water filter leaks?

Water filter leakage can occur for a number of reasons. Before you can fix a leak in your water filter, you need to understand why it occurs.

    Improper connection or maintenance.

    filter leaks

Such failures usually occur directly after manipulating the system by your own hand or after the arrival of the master. To fix such malfunctions, it is sufficient to carefully inspect the filter, identify the leak, and make a seal at the point found. The main places of depressurization may be the clips on the hoses, the drain and where the flasks connect to the base. To correct this problem, the filter can be disconnected, disconnected and reconnected. It is important to test the water filter after any service operation.

To find out why the water filter burst, you should always check 2, 4 or 5 factors. They are usually the cause of accidents.

service life

High noise level

If your system is very noisy, the cause may be:

  1. Air in the autoregulator – this problem will resolve itself after some time.
  2. High pressure at the water inlet to the system. In this situation, it is recommended to install a check valve at the inlet to the apartment or directly before the system.
  3. Low pressure in the tank.

Why the reverse osmosis pump does not turn on

  1. Low pressure in the pipeline – each pump has a minimum inlet pressure, usually it is 1.5 – 2 atm, if it is lower, the pump will not work;
  2. Hose clamping, this problem is usually encountered immediately after replacing the cartridges;
  3. no power to the pump – check the mains connection.

Why is water constantly leaking down the drain?

  1. Diaphragm or pre-filter cartridges are clogged. Contamination decreases the capacity of the filter or simply clogs it, so that the pressure in the pipeline can not push water through the membrane. In this situation, a routine maintenance will solve everything.
  2. Low pressure at the inlet to the system also makes it impossible for the fluid to pass through the membrane element, and large volumes of water are discharged into the drain. The tank is slow to draw water.
  3. Auto regulator malfunction. To check this point, you need to turn off the valve on the tank. After 2 – 5 minutes the autoregulator should cut off the water supply to the system. If this does not happen, please contact the service center for replacement of the automatic regulator.
  4. Membrane check valve failure. If this part is broken, even if the tank is full, water continues to flow onto the membrane and bypasses it to the drain.
  5. Low pressure in the tank.
  6. Clogged or defective flow restrictor. It must be inserted into the black tube at the outlet of the diaphragm holder. If the part is missing, it is likely that it has washed into the sewer, and you need to install a new element. It may also be located near the drain clamp. Then flush it and insert the tube into the flow restrictor closer to the diaphragm retainer.

Water is not flowing into the drain

This indicates that the system is not working at all. This can be caused by a clogged flow restrictor, which must be removed and flushed out, or an incorrectly installed drain clamp. In the second case, check the alignment between the hole in the pipe and the installed clamp.

pressure pipeline

How to Repair a Drinking Water Filter Faucet?

  • remove the plug from the valve;
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw;
  • Remove the valve from the base of the valve;
  • Remove the lock washer;
  • unscrew the cocks with pliers;
  • take out the faucet coupling and remove all parts from it;
  • Remove and replace the rubbers from the central metal part (6 mm diameter);
  • Clean all parts;
  • lubricate the head of the valve;
  • Reassemble the tap in the reverse order.

Water tastes bad

An unusual odor or taste in the water usually occurs if the carbon post filter has reached the end of its service life. In this case it can simply be replaced.

filter leaks

The second cause is contamination of the system or tank. This usually occurs if there is improper maintenance of the faucet. Routine maintenance and disinfection of the system should be performed.

Turbidity after cleaning

This is caused by the water being saturated with air. This is not a malfunction and goes away in one or two weeks after the filter is installed. To be sure that it is air – pour the water into a glass and let it stand for 5 – 10 minutes.

It is worth noting that this is possible in winter, when the temperature difference between the water and the environment can be very different.

flow restrictor

If you have problems that are not related to the ones listed above, please write about them in the comments.

And do not forget that in.best-store-us.com you can buy not only quality filters, but also get a high level of service.

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