Nitrates in water

The question of nitrates in fruits and vegetables is very popular now, but the question of their presence in the water is raised much less frequently, although the well water may actually contain abnormal concentrations of nitrates. The maximum allowable concentration (MAC) of nitrates in drinking water is 50 mg/dm 3 . But there are …

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Shungite water

People have invented antibiotics and supersonic airplanes, but some myths with no scientific basis continue to exist. So today we will try to bring some common sense to the understanding of the process of household drinking water purification, and try to understand why people use shungite stones for water infusion. What is shungite water? In …

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Water for the boiler room

Any water heating equipment, whether it is a domestic or industrial boiler requires a certain quality of water. Most restrictions are due to the fact that at higher temperatures, scale is formed, which leads to the unfortunate consequences. Below we will talk in detail about what are the consequences for the boilers water, to what …

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Faults of reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis filters have become habitual inhabitants of Ukrainian kitchens. Along with their distribution, there are a lot of questions about the malfunction of filters. Let’s look at the causes of these occurrences. Bottom line Reverse osmosis filter failure causes The nameplate service life is over and the bulbs, hoses and fittings are worn out. …

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Alkaline water

Alkaline water is one of the most popular water trends of our time. It is credited with curing cancer, lowering sugar levels and other benefits. Let’s try to figure out what’s true and what’s mythical in this story, and what hidden or not so dangerous in this trend. Content What is alkaline water? In fact, …

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Ion exchange technology

Ion exchange is one of the most effective technologies of water softening. It is widely used in both domestic and industrial applications. The ion exchange process is a reversible chemical reaction in which ions are exchanged between the medium and the surface of the ion exchanger. Summary How ion exchange works Let’s try to show …

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